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Tensan teaches you how to choose the right potting compound


In fact, many industries potting products do not know how to choose products, today to give you some simple suggestions, hoping to help you accurately select the type of potting sealant.
First of all, the question must be considered when selecting a suitable glue, 1) whether it is adapted to the characteristics of the product and the color of the potting or bonding process; 2) the temperature and the environment, the type of product; 3) the need for thermal and non- Non-flow or semi-flow; electronic insulation fixed thermal plastic in the liquid before the uncured, with fluidity, glue viscosity according to the product of the material, the nature of the difference between the production process, the potting is fully cured to achieve Its value of use, after curing can play a waterproof moisture, dust, insulation, thermal conductivity, confidentiality, anti-corrosion, temperature, shockproof role, the most commonly used on the market today is epoxy potting, silicone resin Potting these two.
Epoxy resin features: mostly hard, but also a small part of the soft, advantages: Good adhesion to hard materials, potting can not be opened, high hardness, good insulation properties, ordinary temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, heating Curing temperature at 150 degrees Celsius, of course, can also be temperature-resistant at 300 degrees Celsius. Disadvantages: product repair is not very good. 

Silicone resin encapsulant Application: Used for heat dissipation and moisture proof of LED light bar, digital tube, loudspeaker, automotive electronic components, ballast, hemostat, high voltage resistance package, power controller, RF sensor and sensor.
Silicone resin potting can be applied to high-power electronic components, heat and temperature requirements of the module power supply and circuit board potting protection, such as car HID lamp module power ignition control module and other products, potting Protection, adhesive seal, heat and moisture. Can also be applied to transformers, LED lighting, shoes, power modules, electronic 

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