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Introduction to Power Glue (1)


1.Silicone Introduction
What is silicone?
Silicone, an Organic silicon compound, refers to a compound that contains Si-O bonds and at least one of the organic groups is directly attached to a silicon atom. It is also customary to  regard those compounds that link organic groups with silicon atoms through oxygen, sulfur, nitrogen and the like as organic silicon compounds.
Silicone is widely used because of its unique structure, combining the properties of inorganic and organic materials.Among them, the polysiloxane composed of siloxane bond (Si-0-Si) as a skeleton is the largest number of organic silicon compounds, the most studied, the most widely used, accounting for more than 90% of the total amount. 
Basic property
Low surface tension, low viscosity coefficient, high compressibility, high gas permeability, high and low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, oxidation stability, flame retardant, hydrophobic, corrosion resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, physiologically inert。
Main products:
Silane coupling agent, silicone oil, silicon resin, silicone rubber;
Main effect:
Sealing, bonding, lubrication, coating, surface activity, stripping, defoaming, defoaming, waterproof, moisture-proof, inert filling and so on.
Applications:Applications: Aerospace, electrical and electronic, construction, transportation, chemical, textile, food, light industry, medical and so on.
2.Development history of silicone 
In 1863, French scientists Freeline and Kraffz synthesized the first Si-C bond-containing organic compound -SiEt4 (tetraethylsilane) from SiCl4 and ZnEt2. By 1903 forty years, people have gradually synthesized a lot of tetraethyl silane derivatives.
This period is the founding period of silicone chemistry, customarily referred to as the first phase.
In 1904-1937, F Chem Kipping, a British chemist, used the Grignard reaction to synthesize hydrolysable silanes of different functionalities to form the basis of the future silicone industry.
  These three decades is the growth of organic silicon chemistry, customarily referred to as the second phase.

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