Exhibition information

Korea LED light exhibition 2020


Inernational LED & OLED EXPO 2020

Exhibition date : 24th -26th June ,2020

Venue:Kintex - Korea International Exhibition Center in Goyang, Korea

Organizer:EXPONU CO., LTD.


The 18th Int'l LED & OLED EXP showcases product from Lights & Lighting industry. LED chips, LEDs and OLED lamps to lighting fixtures, LED display & signages are the main product range. Since 2003, Int’l LED & OLED EXPO is the largest exhibition in Korea and the world’s first B2B trade show that specializes in LED and OLED industry. Forthermore, LED EXPO provides information on LED's trends and newest technology by international LED & OLED seminar to develop the Korean LED & OLED industry.

Exhibition range

1. LED semiconductor lighting, LED lighting, LED luminous characters, LED lighting, LED traffic lights, LEED backlight, LED display, LED, etc.;


2. Automotive lamps, solar LED applications, LED control systems, etc.;


3. LED package/module, nixie tube, LED lamp, cluster LED, dot matrix LED, light-emitting diode and high-power LED, etc.;


4. LED components and materials, LED chips, epitaxial wafers, LED fluorescent materials, LED thermal conductive materials, packaging supporting materials, silicones, substrates, etc.;


5. LED manufacturing/testing equipment, color separation/spectrometer, LED foot cutting machine, crystal bonding machine, spectrum detector, glue dispenser, moisture-proof cabinet, etc.;

6. LD (laser diode), OLED (organic light emitting diode), EL (cold light source), laser sensor, etc.

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