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TS4109A SMT glue


Introduction of TS4109A

Tensan 4109A is a one-component epoxy adhesive, curing at high temperature.

It is designed for SMD components on printed circuit board bonding. 4109A has  suitable for high-speed SMT placement machine Dispensing and stencil printing. It is of high adhesive strength after curing .

Cold storage 4109A to be rewarmed before use, 30ml syringe to be 1 hour, 300ml 24 hours. Storage tank or dispensing mouth temperature at 25℃-30℃ can help improve the high-speed dispensing effect.


1.In order to avoid contaminating unused glue, any glue can not be back into the original packaging.

2.Glue placing in the air will absorb trace moisture performance, which will influence the properties of glue, so it should be avoided. In the stencil printing, do not put SMT printed circuit board in the air for too long,  patch curing as soon as possible, if possible, air humidity should be controlled.

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