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Let us talk about silicone potting compound


LED encapsulant is mainly composed of two-component silicone. The two-component silicone is composed of two types of glues, A and B. Type A glue is called base glue and type B glue is called curing agent. When the AB glue is mixed according to a certain ratio, it can be used. The curing time of the potting glue can be adjusted according to the mixing ratio.

The following are the characteristics and application of two component silicone compound


1. Fixing and insulation of electronic accessories, moisture-proof and waterproof of electronic accessories and PCB substrates.


2. Circuit modules, automotive electronic modules, ignition modules, power modules, and deep potting of electronic components.


3. Pouring of LED display screen, backlight board, lighting, cable and cable accessories, electrical appliances, HID lamp power module, etc.

Then here we will teach how to choose a good silicone potting compound for your product .

1. Good fluidity, suitable for potting of complex electronic accessories, and can use automatic glue filling equipment.

2. Soft elasticity, good impact resistance; Excellent hydrophobicity, keep electronic products dry

3. Excellent heat resistance and cold resistance, suitable for occasions with large outdoor temperature changes

4. Condensation type, the ethanol molecules released have no corrosion to the components

5. The LED outdoor display potting glue does not need to use other primers, and has excellent adhesion to PC (Polycarbonate), Epoxy and other materials

6. Comply with ROHS directive requirements.

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