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Difference among Epoxy , PU and Silicone potting


You may feel confused when choose a potting compound for your PCB ,and most common solution for PCB encapsulant is Expoxy , PU and Silicone potting .But what are the difference among them, so Shenzhen Tensan will together with you to find out the difference of each and teach you to be expertise .

First of all , let us learn the advantages of each :


Good bonding strength

Good insulation performance


Bonding strength: Silicone<PU<Epoxy

Good Low temperature resistance

Good insulation performance

Good waterproof

Silicone Rubber

Very good yellowing resistance, even no yellowing

Good Waterproof

Good low or high temperaure resistance

Support repairability: whenever there is a flaw after potting, you can easily open and fix it without damage the product

Good weather resistance

Good electrical performance

Good insulation performance

Second , what are the disadvantages each ?


Easy yellowing

High hardness: After curing, it becomes hard and lead to mechancial stress which will cause damage on the product

Poor  low or high temperature resistance: When put the epoxy resin glue led strip work under the -30℃, it will make the led strip decline its flexible and tender, and easy to damage, which will cause many inconvenient during the led strip light working.

No repairability: After curing it become too hard to open. Impossible to fix any flaw after potting.


Poor high temperature resistance

Poor ageing resistance

Easy yellowing

Silicone Rubber:

Bonding strength is not as good as epoxy or pu

Last ,the main application of those three items :




Industrial Electronics,Controller

Power Module etc.


Suitable for those low heat electronic components, such as transformer, choke coil, converter, electric condenser

coil,  inductor, rheostat, and PCB etc.

Silicone Rubber:

Suitable for all kinds of electronic components such as LED, display, photovoltaic materials, diode, semi-conductor, sensor, HIV, ICU etc.

For insulation, damproof, dustproof, waterproof, damping purpose.


So if you look for good waterproof and good characteristics silicone potting compound , Tensan can offer you the solution .For more knowledge, please visit our web at ,

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