Exhibition information

Mary Jane Berlin 2020


Mary Jane Berlin 2020 


Exhibition date: 4th - 6th September, 2020

Venue: Arena Berlin & Badeschiff

Organizer: Mary Jane Berlin



The Mary Jane Berlin exhibition has been successfully held for 4 times. 2020 is the 5th exhibition of the exhibition. The exhibition area in 2019 reaches 14,000 square meters, including 9,000 square meters indoor and 5,000 square meters outdoor. There are more than 250 exhibitors and 25,000 professional buyers. The exhibition is not only an exhibition, but also a festival. Combined with on-site exhibitors, the exhibition features food stalls, live concerts and lectures on the effects of cannabis treatment, and provides a wide range of cultural and entertainment programs. As a visitor to Mary Jane Berlin, the organizer will tell you all kinds of information about green products-such as food, cosmetics, building materials, medicine and so on! Compared with traditional light sources, LED plant growth lamps have obvious performance advantages in terms of spectral characteristics, lifespan, and environmental protection. In recent years, with the decline in the price of LED plant growth lamps, market acceptance has become higher and higher.


Range of exhibition:

Plants, seeds; containers, bottles, and packaging; distribution and vending machines; cultivation equipment, planting equipment; growth lamps, sprayers; hemp products, supplies (commodities from the head office & tobacco shop); hydroponics and culture products; food infusion & Beverages; tinctures, supplements and external use; medical resources; professional training and education, safety services and equipment; testing and laboratory services.


For more information, please visit : https://maryjane-berlin.com/en/

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