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How will the heat dissipation performance of thermal grease be affected in the commonly used material components?

The thermal coefficient of thermal grease is different in components of different materials. Specific parameters are generally described, and related data can also be found on the Internet. Generally, the substitution of thermal grease in air which is very low. The main components of thermal grease that are often seen in the market are gradual, and the same is true in terms of thermal conductivity. The contact surfaces of different components are not the same. Some of them can effectively transfer heat when they are first used. However, after a period of time, different performance drops will occur, and some even after two or three months. , The temperature will rise again.

I believe that anyone who has disassembled or repaired the computer and disassembled the CPU cooler knows that some years later, the thermal grease of the CPU has dried out and hardened. In fact, this is closely related to the production process of variable materials and the process of chemical additives.

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