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TENSAN thermal potting helps LED power supply waterproof upgrade

1、Two compound potting  has superior performance
But the high threshold is difficult to develop
Addition molding encapsulant is a kind of liquid silicone rubber, which is composed of vinyl polydimethylsiloxane, hydrogen-containing silicone oil cross-linking agent, platinum catalyst, functional filler and some additives. Compared with the general potting compound, the performance of the addition molding potting compound is more superior. It has the advantages of no by-products in the vulcanization process, low shrinkage and deep curing. It can maintain electrical performance in harsh environments and is widely used in electronic components. Insulation and waterproof potting protection of the device. Among them, the most typical application scenario is to apply to the packaging of LED waterproof driving power supply, which plays the role of waterproof, heat conduction, flame retardant and anti-electromagnetic interference.

Although the addition molding potting compound has a wide range of uses and superior performance, due to its own characteristics, it is difficult to develop and produce, and the threshold is high. 

Adding molding potting compound does not
Considering both performance and adhesion
With the rapid development of electronic technology, high-tech fields such as electronic components, large integrated circuit boards, and power circuit modules have further achieved high power, high performance, miniaturization, and intensiveness. The use environment of potting compound is also more and more extensive, and the standards to be met are becoming more and more stringent. This puts forward new requirements for electronic potting materials: electronic potting materials not only need to have excellent weather resistance, mechanical properties, electrical insulation properties and thermal conductivity, but also need to take into account the adhesion of potting materials and components.
However, the addition liquid silicone rubber is highly saturated after curing, its surface energy is low, and it has basically no bonding effect to the LED drive power supply shell, which may cause the risk of moisture or moisture eroding into the power supply through the combined interface of the two. Causes corrosion and insulation failure, and induces poor electrical performance.
The traditional improvement plan is that before the potting glue is used for encapsulation, the base material of the driving power supply shell substrate needs to be primed to indirectly improve the adhesiveness of the glue to improve the waterproof performance of the LED driving power supply. However, the use of the primer process not only reduces the production efficiency, but also the volatiles of the primer solvent are prone to cause health and environmental pollution for workshop workers.
In order to improve the adhesion between the addition molding potting compound and the base material, adding a tackifier to the glue has been reported in recent years at home and abroad. For common tackifier formulations, the glue needs to be bonded at a higher temperature (≥100°C) to achieve the bonding effect. Due to the temperature resistance of the component materials and the limitation of production efficiency, the high temperature curing and bonding solution It has not been used in the actual production process.

Poor adhesion of addition molding encapsulant has always been a pain point in the industry?
When it comes to waterproofing LED power supplies, I have to face a choice. Do I want performance or adhesion?
Only an addition molding potting compound that balances performance and adhesion can truly solve this problem 

03、TENSAN electronic glue solves the pain points in the industry
Developed addition molding adhesive potting compound
Tensan electronic adhesive engineers pay attention to the pain points of LED power supply waterproofing. After years of research and experiments, the adhesion of encapsulating and encapsulating adhesives has been deeply upgraded, successfully breaking through the industry's problems, solving the industry problems of both performance and adhesion. Additive adhesive that meets the new requirements of LED drive power waterproof

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