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The importance of peel strength test of thermally conductive double-sided tape

Thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape is a product with adhesive on both sides. Compared with other thermally conductive materials, it has excellent adhesive properties. In order to ensure the quality of thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape, manufacturers need to carry out tape peeling test.

For better storage and transportation, one side of the thermally conductive double-sided adhesive tape is placed on the tape during production, and the tape needs to be peeled off during use. The peeling test of thermally conductive double-sided tape can directly indicate the energy required to destroy the adhesive part per unit area. The operation is convenient and fast, the data repeatability is good, and it can provide very rich information.

Through the value of the peel test, the curve and the failure mode, it is possible to infer the important characteristics of the tape, such as: the affinity and uniformity of the adhesive substrate. Don't underestimate the quality of the tape. Although it is peeled off when it is used, it will affect the bonding performance of the thermal conductive double-sided tape before it is used. The better the quality of the tape, the more it will affect the performance of the thermal conductive double-sided tape. small.

The thermal double-sided tape peeling test is very important. At present, the tape peeling test mainly focuses on the influence of the thickness, angle, backing material and speed of the tape on the peel strength test result. Thermal conductive double-sided adhesive manufacturers should carry out different levels of peeling tests on the tape according to the actual application of the product, find better tape production materials and production processes, and improve the quality of thermal conductive double-sided adhesive tape.

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