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The 5 main performance characteristics of thermally conductive silicone pad!

The thermally conductive silicone pad fills the air gap between the heat-generating device and the heat sink or metal base. Their flexible and elastic characteristics allow them to be used to cover very uneven surfaces. Heat is conducted from the separation device or the entire PCB to the metal casing or diffusion plate, and the thermally conductive silicone pad can improve the efficiency and service life of the heating electronic component.

5 performances of thermally conductive silicone pad:

1. High thermal conductivity: the use of thermally conductive silica gel fills the gap between the heating element and the heat sink very well, greatly improving the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation efficiency, and reducing the temperature difference between the interfaces to a lower level.
2. Insulation: In the heat conduction and heat dissipation of electronic products, many devices require thermal insulation material to have insulation to prevent conduction from adversely affecting other devices.
3. Convenience: The thermal conductive silicone sheet is convenient and fast during testing and installation, and can be used repeatedly. Good convenience reduces the consumption process and the corresponding cost, and also makes the disposal of repairs faster.
4. Stability: The thermally conductive silicone pad has good stability, and can adhere to good characteristics under various environmental conditions, thereby ensuring stable performance of electronic products in various environments.
5. Sound absorption and shock absorption: The thermally conductive silicone pad also has a certain sound absorption and shock absorption effect, which makes the performance of electronic products better, and also plays a certain role in maintaining each component.

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