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The application and characteristics of high temperature resistant heat conductive potting glue!

The application of high temperature resistant heat conductive potting compound: The application range of high temperature resistant heat conductive potting compound is wide, mainly used in the bonding, insulation, heat conduction, moisture proof, shockproof and sealing of electronic components under high temperature working conditions; the bonding and sealing of PTC sheet and aluminum heat sink, and the sensor surface Coating, fixing, bonding, sealing and insulating of plug-in wires or sheets; bonding and sealing of high-voltage caps in televisions; fixing, sealing and bonding of high-power tube speakers, color TV output transformers, gathering potentiometers and electronic components; The heat dissipation of the LED drive module components and the housing is fixed; the sizing of high-power LED products, such as high-power LED flood lights, LED street lights, LED power supplies, LED underwater landscape lights, LED point light sources, LED indoor downlights, etc. Adhesive for bracket bonding, PCB board and aluminum heat sink bonding, etc.; widely used in the fields of liquid crystal display, light-emitting diode and acoustic shockproof, cold storage joint sealing, etc.

Features of high temperature resistant heat conductive potting compound: 
1. High temperature resistance: It has good resistance to severe cold and high temperature, and can be used in an environment with a high temperature of 280 degrees and a low temperature of -60 degrees for a long time;
2. Thermal conductivity: The thermal conductivity reaches 1.2-2.8, which provides high thermal conductivity for electronic products, guarantees the stability of the product, and improves the performance and life of the product;
3. Strong weather resistance: aging resistance, electrical insulation performance, waterproof, ozone resistance, ultraviolet radiation, can adapt to the harsh environment of ozone, water, gas, oil, high pressure, strong magnetism, ultraviolet radiation and sunlight and rain for a long time;
4. Strong earthquake resistance: It has good shock resistance, good electrical insulation performance, vibration absorption and stability, which guarantees the safety factor of electronic products during transmission and use;
5. High bonding strength and fast curing speed: it is economical and convenient to use, suitable for manual and mechanical sizing, and can be used in any work link;
6. Environmental protection level: it is non-toxic, non-corrosive, solvent-free, pollution-free, safer and environmentally friendly, and has passed the EU RoHS standard;

7. Good elastomer: The colloid is rich in elasticity and toughness, without bubbles, has excellent adhesion and adhesion to various metal materials, and is not easy to peel off.

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