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Tensan thermal grease is a thermal conductive silicone grease complex. This product introduces the nano-graphene of excellent thermal conductivity as the main thermal filler, greatly reducing the thermal resistance of the material to enhance the overall thermal conductivity of the product. Products are featured by low oil bleeding, being resistant to high and low temperature, anti-aging, insulative etc. which is designed for power amplifiers, transistors, tubes, CPU and other electronic devices heat conduction and heat dissipation, so as to ensure that electronic equipment, instruments and other electrical performance stability.

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon consisting of a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. It is a non-metallic crystalline material, which achieves the heat conduction by the mutual restraint and mutual harmonic vibration of crystal structure units. Its thermal conductivity can reach 5W/m.K, so graphene materials can be used as excellent super-high thermal conductivity materials.

Tensan thermal grease fills the graphene into the silicone compound, and the graphene particles and the organic silicon particles contact each other to form an unobstructed mesh-like or chain-like heat conduction network, which greatly reduces the thermal resistance. It can rapidly spread lateral heat in the center of the interface between electronic components and heat sinks, and then conduct heat from the longitudinal direction to the radiator, thereby achieving high efficiency and even thermal dissipation.

In addition to the high thermal conductivity values, the two-dimensional geometry of graphene, strong coupling with the matrix material, and low cost make graphene an ideal filler for the interface material.

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