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What is UV Glue?

UV glue is a type of adhesive that works on an epoxy resin or acrylic base. It cures by irradiation with UV light. The properties and functionality are comparable to a UV resin. Within a few seconds, polymerization of the components takes place. UV light glue, therefore, usually cures very quickly. This is a great advantage, especially in industrial production, as it enables swift cycle times.
However, the UV glue is also of interest for the small user. Especially such UV adhesives based on acrylate are not only solvent-free but also one-component and, therefore, easy to dose and apply. The advantages and disadvantages of UV adhesives will be discussed in detail in the next chapter.
To cure, a UV-curing adhesive requires a light source. This can come from pure sunlight, but also from UV LED lights and UV gas discharge lamps. However, LED light sources must be matched to the respective adhesive and are therefore available in different wavelengths. A rule of thumb says that the more intense the light source, the faster the curing process.

The latest development is the Bondic UV adhesive. This cures only when the user exposes it to UV light. The user can, therefore, decide for himself when the pot life ends. This type of application is called Curing on Demand. 

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