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Thermal Grease


Product Description:

Thermal grease has good properties of heat conduc­tion and dissipation, high and low temperature resis­tance and insulation. It meets all the criteria of RoHS certificate. 

●Product Application:

It could be applied under PCB or COB for heat dissi­pation and conduction. 


1. The thinner thickness of the glue you apply under the PCB or COB, the better effect you will get.
2. Please note that this glue has mild irritation effects to eyes. Seek for medical advice or go to see the doctor if any uncomfortable feelings happen.
3. The products should be stored sealed in a cool, ventilate and dry place. The storage temperature require-°
ment: 5~25 C.
4. The specification of the product: lOkg/Barrel, 50ml/tube, 300ml/tube.

●Product Instruction:

2. 1. Using Please the make glue sure could the be surface applied is on absolutely the objects clean with before a use. small tool assorted in the package or by steel brush 3. with Check the stencils. power and specification of PCB or COB to choose the corresponding thermal conductivity ofther-4. mal The grease. silicone diluting oil will decrease the thermal conductivity and avoid to add any into the grease.
Application of COB 

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