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Features & Benefits of One-component Silicone Adhesive TS5501

TENSAN TS5501 is one-component silicone with bonding and sealing strength. It can be used for bonding metal, glass, ceramics etc. material.
1.REACH, ROHS certified
2.MSDS for air/sea shipment
3.Non-corrosive to most metal material
4.Good press ratio,suitable for machine dispensing
5.Good adhesive strength
6.Good performance in extreme  condition
7.Good flame resistance
Typical Applications of One-component Silicone Adhesive  TS5501:
This one-component silicone is widely used in the electronic component of TV,CRT, Driver,Telecommunication equipment for  bonding and sealant.
It is also be applied in the inflaming products for sealant purpose ,like metal,  plastic glass,rubber etc.

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