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What is sealant?

 Sealant is modified silane polyether adhesive, which is a new generation of building sealant developed after polysulfide, silicone rubber and polyurethane adhesive. Because it does not contain formaldehyde, isocyanate-free, solvent-free, environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly, it adapts to most construction substrates. At the same time, it also has good workability, adhesion, durability and weather resistance, especially non-pollution and paintability, and it has a wide range of applications in architectural decoration. It is mainly used in adhesion, seam filling, joint, sealing, waterproof and reinforcing of building engineering and decoration. In recent years, as people have deepened their understanding of the advantages of  glue, its application in the industrial fields such as refrigerated trucks, containers, and elevators is also expanding.   


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