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tensan sealant

Compared with the current silicone sealant, tensan sealant has more and more prominent advantages:
Excellent environmental performance: tensan sealant, no solvent added in the production, formaldehyde-free toluene xylene and other harmful substances released, non-toxic, odorless. VOC release is far lower than national standards, green environmental protection, is the most environmentally friendly construction adhesive products.
Wide range of adhesion, stronger bonding strength. tensan sealant is not only suitable for most building materials, but also has good adhesion to engineering plastics such as acrylic, ABS, plexiglass and concrete, etc. It has more and wider applications than silicone rubber and can adapt to Most building substrates require no primer bonding.
tensan sealant won’t escape oily molecules to contaminate the surface and seams of building materials and maintain the aesthetics of buildings for a long time. Silicone gels can escape small molecules that, together with rain and dust, form hard-to-remove stains on the exterior of a building
tensan sealant is compatible with most paints and coatings, and can be painted directly on the surface of colloids. It can perfectly unify the color of external walls and keep the building beautiful. However, the traditional silicone adhesive can not maintain the coating due to the shrinkage of the surface tension.
The overall performance balance of tensan adhesive is also the best.

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