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Waterproof AdhesiveWaterproof AdhesiveTS605

Features & Benefits of  Waterproof Adhesive TS6605
TENSAN LED silicone adhesive black TS6605 is semi-flow RTV silicone with good waterproof function and sealing strength. LED silicone adhesive black can be used for bonding metal, glass, ceramics etc. material.
1.REACH, ROHS certified
2.MSDS for air/sea shipment
3.Fast curing
4.Non-corrosive to most Copper,Polycarbonate plastics material
5.Excellent waterproof function
6.Excellent sealing performance
7.Good Performance for insulation 
Typical Applications of Waterproof Adhesive TS6605
This material is widely applied in LED Industry for housing sealant and outdoor light waterproof.
1.Use for indoor lights
2.Use for Street light,High bay &other outdoor lights
3.Use for LED auto lights
Packing Information of  Waterproof Adhesive TS6605
1. Hard plastic tube 100 ml
100 tubes / carton
2. Hard plastic tube 300 ml
24 tubes / carton
3. Hard plastic tube 2600ml
4 tubes / carton
4. Customized packing is acceptable
Storage andValidity of  Waterproof Adhesive TS6605
Keep away from children .
Stored  in a cool, ventilated, dry place.
Shelf life: 6 months
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