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Product Description
Excellent Heat Resistance Silicone Encapsulant Waterproof
Tensan silicone 1 to 1 encapulants are supplied as two part liquid component kits.
After mixing, two parts silicone will be cured as a flexible elastomer, which is well used for the protection of electrical and PCB system assemble application.
The duration of application and the curing time at room temperature are independent of the number of materials.
Features & Benefits 
Two-component silicone potting, 1 to 1, curing at room temperature.
1.REACH, ROHS, certified
2.Good waterproof
3.Good thermal conductivity
4.Easy to mix and use
①Power moduls
⑥Electric control units product
Packing Information
Storage and Validity
Stored in room temperature, and in a cool, ventilated, dry place.
Shelf life:6 month
How Can We Help You Today
Tell us about your performance, design, and manufacturing challanges. Let us put our silicone-based materials, expertise, application knowledge, and processing experience to work for you.
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