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Sealants are used in those ways

There are several typical sealing methods using sealant for sealant application.
(1) Glue-coated sealing method: Apply the sealant between two sticking tables in the joint of the structure, and then tighten the connector. Fill the seam with sealant. The sealant coating methods include overcoating, roller coating and spraying.
(2) The outer filling Angle of the seam is sealed on the assembled and formed structure, and the sealing sealant is applied along the seam to fill the Angle and the meat is dressed into the specified shape in the active period. Filling through pneumatic injection molding and fit fasteners tight structure Fasteners can be coated with elastin on the nail poles for "wet" assembly, or through application of room temperature vulcanized elastin on the tightly wound tightening handle, or through brush.
(3) Room temperature vulcanized sealant is used for perfusion and prefill sealing. Insert note glue gun mouth stay inside the sealed cavity, start from the bottom of the rubber injection, pull out my gun mouth gradually along with injection glue move up, until the entire lumen filled with sealant, then other parts loading, sealing structure for individual is difficult to seal the open hole (such as electric wire through the orifice plate), the available pressure sensitive tape "circumference" into a closed chamber, filling sealing.
(4) Surface seal: The low viscosity sealant is continuously brushed on the internal surface of the structure to penetrate into the cracks of the structure and form a continuous sulfurized sealing layer on the surface to achieve the sealing of the structure.

(5) In other aspects, good coating performance and room temperature vulcanization performance of sealant can be used to directly print profile-shaped and micro-shaped rubber rings, strips and gaskets on metal parts, to simplify the complex forming process and installation procedures of rubber moulded parts, and to make use of injectability to produce infinite precision casting soft mould for complex parts.

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