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In the use of adhesives, how should we choose the curing speed that is more suitable for their own production of adhesives?

The adhesive in many places the colloquial simply called: glue, it is simple, in the field of the daily average of 502 glue, you may have contact with might be a little more than sticky glue, shoes and much more applications in industrial engineering or adhesive, this kind of adhesive is generally used in the factory or project, the dosage is not like a family, are generally according to kg or ton to use. For a large number of adhesive, adhesive curing speed is very important for the convenience of operation, so how to choose the adhesive curing speed, what kind of curing speed is more scientific and convenient for their own adhesive?
1, the selected adhesive needs to have enough working time (drying time, effective time), in order to properly mix and spray or daub the adhesive, and assemble the bonded parts.
2. If it is a smaller component or a shorter cycle time, the production process can use a gel with a short time and quick curing positioning. Adequate assembly time should be considered if it is a large component.

3, the need for pressure alignment and clamping time, large components of pressure alignment time will be longer to consider the operation of the actual workers, the operation time needs to be in 30 minutes, you choose the application period of glue should be at least 1 hour, otherwise, the operation is not timely glue has the initial solid, does not have the adhesion and affect the quality of the whole product.

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