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Silicone potting glue equipment potting what factors will lead to abnormal glue out

Silicone potting glue using equipment has greatly improved production efficiency, but once the process problems lead to glue curing abnormalities, the bad rate is also very large, so when using the equipment, you must first understand what factors can lead to glue out abnormalities in equipment potting, do a good job in advance to check the prevention is crucial, the following we share two field cases, two aspects to illustrate.
1, The air pressure
Silicone potting glue curing ratio is generally cured by weight ratio, in the use of equipment, grasp the control of air pressure and the amount of glue is very important, we use the field case, the user poured AB components into the A cylinder and B cylinder, both sides of the pressure adjustment is the same, are 0.4MPa, the result of the glue mixture does not cure, after weighing 10 seconds A components and B components out of the amount of glue, the result is A is 42g, B is 28g, the weight ratio is 1:1, after several adjustments to the A cylinder pressure down to 0.18MPa, the amount of glue adjusted to 28g, so the user does not know the viscosity and density of the glue, you can use 10S time to adjust the amount of glue consistent A, B two material cylinder pressure, there will be no abnormal amount of glue.
2,Glue mixing
The phenomenon of layering of silicone potting glue before use will lead to the high viscosity of the lower layer and low viscosity of the upper layer, if the upper and lower are not stirred evenly, it cannot guarantee the stability of the same weight of glue for both components. The user is asked to take the A and B component glue from the mouth of the glue 10S to weigh, weighing three times, the result is that the three times the weight ratio is not the same, and the difference is large, but also not the required 1:1, the glue ratio is more chaotic, so there is curing, partial non-curing, completely non-curing phenomenon, so the AB component must be fully stirred before use, manual mixing, in addition to the recommended circular stirring, Therefore, the AB component must be fully mixed before use.

Silicone potting glue in addition to pollution poisoning caused by not curing, generally for the ratio is not normal, resulting in the ratio is not normal, indicating that the two components of the glue are not normal, out of the amount of glue is controlled by air pressure, glue stability is determined by whether the glue components are mixed uniformly, so the use of silicone potting glue equipment potting phenomenon does not cure can be found by the above two aspects of the cause.

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