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Can I increase the proportion of hardeners in a two-component potting compound? What are the disadvantages?

The two-component potting adhesive consists of agent A and agent B. The two need to be mixed by the instructions before the substrate can be potted. Are there any adverse factors?
Is it possible to change the proportion of curing agents in a potting compound?
If necessary, the proportion of the curing agent can be changed. For example, in winter, the proportion of curing agents can be increased to speed up the curing process. In summer, the temperature is higher, the reaction of the glue mixture occurs faster, to obtain more operating time, appropriate to reduce the proportion of curing agent to extend the operating time, curing time.
However, the proportion of curing agent should not change too much, otherwise, the cured glue is prone to various problems.
Potting glue after changing the proportion of curing agent what are the undesirable factors?
1, Easy to appear bubbles. Curing agent increases the more viscous glue, too viscous glue in the curing process is not conducive to automatic defoaming, easy to produce bubbles after curing.
2, Curing strength. Potting glue after excessive changes in the proportion of curing agent, even if thoroughly cured, it is easy to lead to a variety of problems with the glue, such as curing strength is a common problem, the glue performance is not guaranteed.
3,Can not be completely cured. In low temperatures, if the curing agent content is less, it will not be able to completely curing the phenomenon, too long curing will also lead to a variety of problems, such as the gel is easy to fracture in the process of use.
4, The tensile rate will below. Potting glue mixing ratio changes too much, the curing agent increases or decreases substantially, and after curing, it is also easy to lead to poor elongation rate of the glue, and even easy to fracture.

Two-component potting adhesive alone using one of the components will not have any effect, two fully mixed to play the performance. Before mixing the glue, you need to mix the raw materials evenly, and then put the A agent into the B agent and mix again to prevent the glue from precipitation of raw materials in the glue can not be fully mixed, the phenomenon of layered curing, layered curing of the glue performance is not stable, safe to use.

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