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What are the distinctive features of electronic potting adhesives? Does the bonding level drop in winter?


As we enter winter, many industries shut down one after another to wait for spring to begin again. Some industries, in particular, are less suited to the use of auxiliary products due to the low temperatures in winter. In the case of electronic potting adhesives, ignoring the application temperature will affect the overall effect.

What are the distinctive features of electronic potting adhesives?

This adhesive has high adhesive strength and is suitable for industrial applications. High strength bonding with many materials, avoiding gaps that can affect the bonding effect.

The shrinkage rate is low after curing. The electronic potting adhesive is a product that performs after curing. The volume does not change much before and after curing, so you do not have to worry about the shrinkage rate being too great and affecting the construction.

Good chemical resistance, able to resist chemical attack. Even in an environment surrounded by chemicals, it can keep its performance unchanged and go to use normally.

Good electrical insulation properties. The use of insulating materials gives electronic potting adhesives insulating properties and good electrical performance, greatly reducing the risk of use.

Does the bonding strength drop in winter?

The temperature drops in winter, which may cause the adhesive layer to become brittle and hard, reducing the strength of the adhesive. This can have a direct impact on the strength of the adhesive if it is not handled correctly. To use them with confidence, it is advisable to preheat them well. Also, adjust the adhesive formulation so that it can be used normally at low temperatures.

Different brands and qualities of electronic potting adhesives have different performances in winter. It is recommended that you select a more suitable product according to the specific environment and temperature of use. When it has good low-temperature resistance, it can be applied in the low-temperature environment without delaying the progress of the project.

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