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What are the ways to characterize the curing time of silicone potting adhesives?


What are the ways to characterize the curing time of silicone potting adhesives?

The control of the curing time of silicone potting adhesives plays an important role in the sizing operation and application performance verification of the product, so which curing process times need to be focused on? In what way to express it?

I. Operation time

Operation time is also the working time or use time, expressed as a two-component silicone potting adhesive products mixed proportionally and mixed well after the start of the gluing operation, the use of the process until the emergence of the glue difficult to level time for the operation time, but also to indicate that the product can be glued time to control the glue difficult to level time, some users to save time, a one-time amount of glue more, the results of the operation time can not be used to complete, but continue to fill the glue, resulting in the appearance of the glue difficult to level time. But continue to fill glue, resulting in the appearance of the front of the product is very beautiful, but the latter part of the product wrinkled, uneven, bulging and so on a variety of problems, is due to do not understand the role of the product operation time control, so to make the surface of the silicone potting adhesive without abnormalities, understanding the product operation time is very important.

2, The first solid time

Initial solid time is the silicone potting glue after filling good, into the reaction state, to achieve the effect of molding, but no hardness is reflected, the purpose of this operation is to facilitate the receipt of materials or do the next process, if you do not understand the initial curing time of the product, in the receipt of materials in advance of the receipt of materials, it will lead to fixed displacement, and can not recover the phenomenon, resulting in bonding fixed and protective product components or other The function of the product is greatly reduced, so know the initial curing time is to ensure that the next process to do a favorable guarantee.

3, The complete curing time

Completely cured time, is the product after curing, the overall state to achieve stable results, can also be expressed as, completely cured time is the best time to reflect the performance of the product after curing, some users in doing reliability testing or electrical performance testing, proposed silicone potting adhesive high-temperature resistance, electrical performance, temperature impulse resistance and other performance all do not meet the requirements, at this time, whether the glue is completely cured after the test is one of the reasons This is one of the reasons whether the glue is fully cured, or whether the glue has reached the best curing state. Therefore, the user must follow the TDS regulations for the final simulation test after the full curing time.

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