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Are there any disadvantages to silicone potting adhesives?


Are there any disadvantages to silicone potting adhesives?

Silicone potting adhesive has many advantages and has long been widely used in a variety of fields, such as the production of household appliances, soft pack batteries, outdoor power supply, lithium batteries, sensors, LED lights, displays, and so on. In the process of use often encounter some problems, and most of these problems stem from the shortcomings of silicone potting adhesive know, weigh the pros and cons before buying and using to show good performance.

Does silicone potting adhesive have disadvantages?

1, silicone potting adhesive poor adhesion performance is the obvious shortcomings, it is this shortcoming, electrical appliances in the event of failure can be easily broken open and replaced with new components. If you want to strengthen the silicone potting adhesive adhesion performance, you can consider using epoxy resin potting adhesive, epoxy resin potting adhesive adhesion performance is strong, once cured can not be broken open, electrical appliances can not be broken open after the failure of repair, is a disposable product. It is a variety of potting adhesive performance and advantages and disadvantages are obvious, to effectively divide the use of the field, cross-field use will only increase many troubles.

2, potting glue in the use of the process is prone to the non-curing phenomenon, resulting in this situation there are many reasons, such as glue expired, low temperature, inaccurate weighing, the use of the process and phosphorus, sulfur contact will not appear curing reaction. These external factors can be effectively avoided by avoiding them in the construction process.

Silicone potting adhesive using machine construction needs attention, each construction needs to be cleaned in time to avoid residual glue inside the machine, residual glue will react, the next use will be mixed into the glue, there are various curing problems.

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