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SMT SMD red glue use process pulling the cause? How to solve it?


SMT SMD red glue use process pulling the cause? How to solve it?

We all know the role of SMD red glue, to put it simply, is to make the parts firmly affixed to the surface of the PCB, to prevent it from falling, but in the use of the phenomenon of wire pulling, the glue will randomly fall in other places on the PCB and components, the obvious is to affect the appearance of the PCB, a serious impact on the use of electronic products, the appearance of wire pulling is caused by a variety of factors, there are process aspects, there are materials, there are glue Aspects, environmental aspects, etc., the following are some of the factors and solutions to the patch red glue pull silk.

1. Fast dispensing speed

A suitable patch glue has its fixed performance indicators, such as viscosity, thixotropic index, etc., to meet a fixed production process needs, but some users do not understand the glue performance, to improve production efficiency, the dispensing speed, but ignore the product itself to meet the needs of the new process, in the dispensing speed suddenly accelerated, thixotropic can not keep up, it is easy to bring up the glue, the phenomenon of wire pulling. The solution is to consult the manufacturer before the need to speed up the production efficiency change process, to determine whether the current product performance can meet the new process, can not meet, you can ask the manufacturer to provide solutions to prevent abnormalities.

2, before use is not mixed evenly

SMD red glue we all know is a material with high thixotropy, the purpose is to solve the production of drawing phenomenon, but the reaction thixotropy index is the thixotropic index, the size of the thixotropic index and viscosity is a certain relationship, in the printing process or dispensing, there is a random or probability of drawing phenomenon, you can consider the glue appeared local viscosity is not uniform, resulting in the thixotropy of the local is not the same, at this time can be Red glue out, stir evenly in the continued use.

3, the printing network problems

Patch red glue use process is generally printing and dispensing, now to say is the problem of printing network, first of all, we must understand the choice of printing network materials, such as metal, plastic, etc., metal printing network is generally steel mesh, copper mesh, if the printing hole is not smooth, no polishing, in the printing process will produce a drawing, choose to use plastic printing network, we must choose the appropriate patch red glue, because some formulations of red glue are not suitable for use In the plastic material, and again mention the cleanliness of the printing network is also one of the reasons, so understand the requirements of the printing network, you can also avoid the production of the phenomenon of drawing.

4, the problem of the glue itself

Here the problem of the glue itself is mainly due to the storage process by some reasons caused by the patch red glue performance quality changes, such as storage environment does not match, the general storage requirements are low-temperature storage, high temperature, the glue will thicken for a long time, thus using easy to pull; storage environment humidity is too large, the seal is not good, resulting in moisture absorption or glue itself moisture absorption speed is too fast, resulting in the collapse of red glue, will also lead to the use of the process Pulling, so the red glue storage environment to maintain a low temperature and dry, can prevent the glue from external influences lead to changes in the quality of glue.

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