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Is clear potting adhesive good? Why should we use this potting adhesive?


Is clear potting adhesive good? Why should we use this potting adhesive?

Some electrical manufacturing industries need to use transparent potting adhesive, transparent potting adhesive belongs to a kind of potting adhesive, this kind of potting adhesive belongs to the organic silicon series, as long as you master the operation method and skills can show the expected performance. The transparent potting adhesive is good to use? Why do we need this kind of potting adhesive?

Is the transparent potting adhesive good for use?

Before using the transparent potting adhesive, stir the two kinds of glue separately for a few minutes, mix well and then weigh the two components separately, then pour the B component into the A component and stir again, when stirring, be careful not to bring in air, the longer the stirring time is good for the two groups of glue to mix fully, then pour in the substrate and wait for curing.

The transparent potting adhesive according to the general potting adhesive construction specifications can be, curing process should not be heated curing method, room temperature curing better. Other colors can be cured by heating.

Why use transparent potting adhesive?

Transparent potting adhesive cured transparent state, with the naked eye can see the substrate components, which is the shortage of other potting adhesives. Besides, transparent potting adhesive can be used in electrical appliances to meet the refraction requirements of electrical appliances, such as cameras using transparent potting adhesive can make better use of the principle of light refraction to bring you a clearer picture.

Transparent potting glue cured to a soft state, which is the same as black potting glue, if the appliance does not require high light, you can use black potting glue because the price of transparent potting glue is slightly higher.

Transparent potting adhesive yellowing how to do?

The transparent potting adhesive used in electrical appliances, especially outdoor appliances, long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation will appear slightly yellow, yellowing, as long as the body does not become yellow colloid will not have much effect.

The transparent potting adhesive in the use of stage you pay attention to because the bonding strength is poor, the substrate is not thoroughly clean, there is residual dust affect the bonding effect, the use of the process is easy to deglue, debonding phenomenon, can not achieve the purpose of protection.

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