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Silicone adhesive sizing precautions


Silicone adhesive sizing precautions

Many users in the use of silicone adhesive process, more or less have some problems, such as insufficient bonding strength, curing time is too long, etc., after the scene to understand, are due to the application of glue problems, then silicone adhesive glue application matters need to pay attention to what?

1. Lamination time

Fitting time refers to the silicone bonding adhesive hit on one of the bonding surfaces to the two materials began to fit together in time. We all know, silicone adhesive curing process is from the surface to the internal deep curing, the longer the surface is exposed to the air, the surface of the glue will be thicker, the reaction will be fast crust, when another material and then laminated, due to the contact surface glue thickening led to glue wetting bonding surface capacity is weakened, the adsorption force is also reduced, resulting in insufficient adhesive strength, so silicone adhesive glue application is recommended not in Air exposure for too long, it is recommended that no more than 15S, exposure time is still based on the curing speed of the glue itself to decide, this can be detailed consultation with Schneider.

2.Humidity control

As most users do not understand the principle of silicone adhesive bonding, or even completely ignorant, they only know that two materials can be glued together, but how does the adhesive play a bonding role? And how to cure and other issues, which will lead to users in the application of glue ignore some key factors, such as the glue curing air humidity required, the lower the humidity, the longer the glue completely cured, Schneider silicone adhesive recommended humidity environment for 55-60%.

3.the contact surface

Contact surface refers to the contact surface of the glue and material, what is the general control of the contact surface? For example, the contact surface has a large and small, rough and smooth, clean and dirty, etc., the bonding surface is small, smooth, unclean will affect the bonding strength decline, so silicone adhesive glue before the application of reasonable control of the contact surface of the bonding area, check the cleanliness of the contact surface.

The above is only part of the silicone adhesive sizing precautions, you can enter the Schneider website to learn more about the application of silicone adhesive precautions, the use of the process can greatly improve the production of qualified rate.

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