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What about thermal grease for hot water bottles? What properties do I need to have?


What about thermal grease for hot water bottles? What properties do I need to have?

Kettles are household appliances, the raw material of which is the use of steam and induction temperature control, when the water boils it will automatically cut off the electricity to prevent burn damage. The main reason why the design of the kettle is so user-friendly is the use of heat-conductive silicone grease, which can play a temperature-controlling role in the kettle to prevent burn damage after high temperatures. What about thermal grease for kettles?

Thermal grease is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and has good resistance to high temperatures. Whether it is used in a kettle or other electrical appliances, it can achieve good heat dissipation and prevent electrical appliances from burning out. To get a good quality kettle, you also need to start with thermal grease. There are many brands of thermal conductive silicone grease on the market, but not all thermal conductive silicone grease can be so in the manufacture of kettles, the following conditions must be met.

1, thermally conductive silicone grease long-term work also can not appear dry and hard, not to mention the melting phenomenon, if the thermally conductive silicone grease can not have this condition, it will pull down the quality of the kettle, resulting in the use of a period because of high-temperature burn damage.

2, kettle thermal grease must reach the environmental level, even if there is no market sector testing, but also in good conscience to meet this requirement. Because the kettle is a major household appliance, once the quality of the thermal grease used in the production is not up to standard, it will easily pose a threat to human health.

3, kettle thermal grease also needs to have waterproof, which ordinary thermal grease can also do, but to use in the kettle must strengthen the waterproof, after all, the kettle daily deal with water, once the parts into the water, it can even electricity affect the use.

4, like a household appliance, the kettle does not have much requirement for the ambient temperature, and the thermal grease also needs to meet the conditions of wide use temperature, so that it can adapt to use in various temperature environments.

What about thermal grease for kettles? On the whole, it is still good, and users can use it in manufacturing as long as they buy good quality products. In the face of the dazzling brands on the market, it is worthwhile to buy a big brand with a high reputation, which can not only focus on the research of thermal grease for kettles but also provide customized solutions for the application of thermal grease for kettles

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