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What are the cosmetic abnormalities of epoxy potting adhesives? How to solve it?


What are the cosmetic abnormalities of epoxy potting adhesives? How to solve it?

 Have you encountered any unsatisfactory appearance after curing in the process of using epoxy potting adhesive? Today I share with you the appearance of epoxy potting glue


 The phenomenon of whitening is mainly reflected in the appearance of black or transparent epoxy potting glue, due to the obvious color difference, easy to show. This phenomenon is more likely to occur in winter, the reason is that the winter temperature is low, some users room temperature storage, and coupled with a longer time, resulting in the glue crystallization phenomenon, generally, a short period of low-temperature storage is not crystalline precipitation phenomenon. This kind of situation as long as the precipitated components are heated and stirred evenly, in the use of glue can solve the phenomenon of curing whitening.

Second, out of oil/oil flower

  Surface oil, the reason is that the curing agent excess, curing agent relative to the main agent is lighter, in the epoxy potting glue AB glue mix, B agent (curing agent) will be in the upper layer, we usually ask customers in the mix AB glue should be A agent into B agent, and then stir evenly, to prevent the curing agent in the upper layer of uneven mixing; under normal circumstances, epoxy potting glue is to weight ratio to operate, so require customers must use Electronic scales for measuring, to prevent the curing agent is too much excess, too much curing agent can not occur chemical reaction, coupled with the density of light, so it remains on the surface.

Three, crater

 The formation of pits is due to the air in the epoxy potting glue in the surface after breaking, the glue can not be self-flowing, so the formation of pits have two causes, one is the slow defoaming speed, the second is too fast curing speed, so from the product, is to consider the speed of defoaming to adjust the curing speed, the second is to minimize the generation of filling bubbles, the use of vacuum defoaming.

In addition to the above phenomena, there are common pitting, pinhole, sticky, shrinkage, and other phenomena, here I will not list one by one to explain, you can enter the official website for detailed information about the application of epoxy potting adhesive expertise and solutions with glue, or direct telephone consultation

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