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How do I choose thermal grease for my laptop? What are the precautions for use?


How do I choose thermal grease for my laptop? What are the precautions for use?

The main function of thermal grease is to dissipate heat. The thermal performance of laptops is not as good as that of desktops, especially in the summer, and if the thermal performance is not handled properly, the laptop will "go out of service" within a few hours. This is why the choice of thermal grease for laptops is so important, how do you choose when buying one?

How to choose thermal grease for laptops

Thermal grease for laptops should not be bought with silver or ceramic grease, which are cheap and have average performance. The thermal grease containing silver is not expensive either, as silver is a metal with good thermal performance, but also increases the conductivity and is not safe to use.

When buying thermal grease for laptops you need to consider the practicality. It is best to have thermal grease with temperature resistance so that the laptop can be used in any environment to ensure that the thermal grease can work properly and will not melt.

The thermal grease needs to have a low oil separation rate during the use phase. Only a low oil separation rate will ensure that it does not contaminate the parts around the heat sink and that the laptop can be used for many years.

Notes on the use of thermal grease for laptops.

Laptop thermal grease is used in the same way as ordinary thermal grease. It should not be applied too thickly, and the lighter and thinner it is applied, the better it will be to show better thermal performance.

If you buy a good quality laptop thermal grease, it will perform as it has for many years and will not affect your use even if the surface dries out later.


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