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What colors are potting adhesives available in? What are they used for?


What colors are potting adhesives available in? What are they used for?

When consumers buy potting adhesives, they will inevitably find a strange phenomenon, that is, although the function of potting adhesives is the same, there will still be a variety of colors of potting adhesives on the market. So, what are these very different colors of potting adhesives? What is the difference between them in the specific use process?

Black potting adhesives

As the name suggests, a black potting compound is a black-colored potting compound. What sets it apart from other colors is that it has strong adhesive properties and can be easily bonded to a variety of materials to give a strong effect. In addition, the black potting compound has excellent characteristics in terms of water resistance and insulation and can be used by consumers in high-temperature environments.

White potting adhesives

The white potting adhesive is a kind of white potting adhesive in appearance, it has high and low-temperature resistance, and can play a very stable performance in high and low-temperature environments. Secondly, a white potting adhesive is also waterproof and moisture-proof, so it can meet the needs of consumers in wet environments. In addition, the white potting adhesive also has a characteristic that white potting adhesive has high thermal conductivity after the solid word white potting adhesive can have a thermal conductivity to ensure the safety of electrical appliances.

Grey potting compound

In addition to the common black and white potting adhesives, there are also other potting adhesives on the market, such as grey potting adhesives. The use of black and white potting adhesives can be used to create grey potting adhesives.

Different types of potting adhesives have certain functional differences, so consumers should consider their actual scope of use when purchasing and then help themselves to purchase the right potting adhesive.

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