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Is white sealant good? Will it turn yellow after curing?


Is white sealant good? Will it turn yellow after curing?

There are many colors of sealants, the common ones are white, black, and grey. While sealants are very popular in both one- and two-component applications and can be used in many fields. When using it, users pay special attention to the performance and quality of the sealant.

How is a white sealant?

1, white sealant and other colors sealant performance and use of the same field, because the color of sealant can be changed according to user needs, if the sealing of electrical components, no special requirements for color, choose which color can, but used in LED lights to get the light reflection, choose white more appropriate. Because white will not affect the light reflection, can make the LED lamp lighting effect better.

2, white sealant also has good thermal conductivity, especially suitable for use in electrical appliances, can play a secondary heat dissipation effect, to prevent the shop long working heat can not be distributed out. There are good insulation properties after curing, it is this point to protect the safety of shop use.

3, the white sealant is not toxic, as long as the purchase of brand products can guarantee quality

Will the white sealant turn yellow after curing?

The white sealant will turn slightly yellow after curing, but this can be avoided in most cases, as long as the construction is done in accordance with the regular operation process and used within the shelf life as much as possible, it will not turn yellow. If everything is done following the formal process and the yellowing is still severe after curing, it means that there is a problem with the formulation of the adhesive, which should be tested on a small scale before buying in bulk to avoid quality problems.

Is white sealant good? This issue is determined by many factors, theoretically white sealant is very good, after curing bonding firm, waterproof performance, and good temperature resistance. Once you buy a poor-quality product, all these basic properties are not guaranteed.

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