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What kind of thermally conductive silicone grease is better?


When faced with the various types of thermal grease available in the market, people are often not sure what kind of thermal grease is a good one. In addition, some unscrupulous businessmen may engage in some "gimmicks" to promote consumption, which makes consumers feel confused. So, what kind of thermal grease is good? What are the common features of a good thermal grease?

1)A good thermal grease has a uniform texture.

2)A good thermal grease has good fluidity and can be coated very smoothly with a scraper. There may be some small particles in the grease, which may affect the normal use of the grease.

3)A good thermal grease has good heat dissipation.

4)The most direct way to judge the quality of thermal grease is to see if it has good heat dissipation. If the thermal grease has a good thermal performance after being coated, then it is a good quality thermal grease, but not vice versa.

5)From the above analysis, it is easy to see that we can consider various factors when purchasing thermal grease. Of course, in addition, we can also listen to the experience of people who have been through the process, so that we can buy the right thermal grease.

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