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Is the led potting compound good for use?


Potting glue belongs to a huge system, carefully divided into a variety of types, of which led potting glue is one of them, this glue is mainly used in led lamps potting, can also be used in other electrical appliances, before use need to do a small test, to avoid adverse reactions or performance degradation.

  • Is it led potting glue good to use?
Led potting adhesive can be used in led lamps and lanterns to achieve a very good potting effect, even in the outdoor will not be affected by moisture, ultraviolet invasion. After curing there is also a good flame retardant, because the glue contains a high composition of flame retardant components, effectively improving the safety of use.

Led potting adhesive is particularly easy to use, can meet the requirements of emergency construction, curing speed can be considered to control, whether heating curing or natural curing, curing quality is the same, does not affect the performance of a play, more will not affect the use of years. However, in the heating and curing process is easy to produce bubbles, can be placed in the vacuum defoaming cabinet for defoaming, so that after curing there will be no more bubbles generated.
1.Storage must observe the production date, because the shelf life of unopened glue is only 6 months, once opened, even if well-sealed treatment, but also need to be placed in an obvious position, as soon as possible to use up, to avoid changes in the glue, affecting the later use.

2.Storage environment needs to be noted, not mixed with other chemicals stored to avoid chemical changes. Avoid bumping during storage, so as not to enter the air curing reaction, and lose the value of use.

3.Led potting adhesive belongs to the environmental protection level adhesive, during storage need to strictly comply with the precautions, away from children, do not play in the storage warehouse, leaving flammable, explosive items.

4.Led potting adhesive is a common adhesive, this potting adhesive has a one-component and two-component, the components of different areas of use will produce differences.

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