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What are the characteristics of flame retardant potting adhesives?

With the development of the electronics industry, people are no longer unfamiliar with some of the materials used in the industry. Many people are well aware of the concepts and uses of some common industrial materials.Today, we look at a product that is suitable for the electronics industry - flame retardant potting adhesives
  • What are the characteristics of flame retardant potting adhesives?
First of all, flame retardant potting adhesives have the characteristics of general potting adhesives, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, shockproof characteristics, as well as insulation, heat resistance, and other properties. The use of encapsulants in electronic products not only ensures that the products are protected from oxygen and moisture in the air, but also makes them more resistant to vibrations, and the insulation properties of the encapsulants ensure the safety of the user.

In addition, flame retardant potting adhesives also have other characteristics that general potting adhesives do not have, one of the most obvious characteristics is the flame retardant nature of flame retardant potting adhesives. In some large electronic products, people use flame retardant potting adhesive can better help electronic products flame retardant, to ensure the safety of electronic products in the process of use, and thus also play a safe production role.

As a very important process material, a flame retardant potting adhesive is often used not only in large-scale applications. In people's daily life, to make the electronic components play a good role and efficacy, people will also use the flame retardant potting glue, can be said to be a wide range of uses.If you come to TENSAN to purchase, based on years of production experience, we will recommend suitable potting adhesive for you.

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