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What are the advantages of a clear sealant?


What are the advantages of a clear sealant? How do I choose a sealant?

Transparent sealants are particularly popular in the sealant industry because they are transparent after curing and can be used especially for sealing equipment housings without affecting the appearance of the sealant. Transparent sealants are two-component and one-component, and the different components are used in different fields.

What are the advantages of transparent sealants?

1, two-component products, according to the use of the amount of deployment of the glue, both manual construction, but also the use of machine construction. Machine construction is highly efficient and can also guarantee the injection of glue measurement.

2. The obvious advantage of transparent sealant is that it is transparent after use so that the electrical components can be clearly observed and the failure point can be quickly found for replacement in the event of a problem.

3, although it is transparent potting glue, curing after a slight yellowing phenomenon is also normal, but will not affect the use. Even after yellowing, it can still achieve the performance of aging resistance and corrosion resistance.

How to choose a transparent sealant?

1, when buying transparent sealant need to pay attention to, do not buy low price products, the price of this kind of glue is low, to protect the stable profit, one needs to use low raw materials. Buy this glue does not have any security, the use of the stage and even release volatiles.

2, more transparent sealant brands, in general, buy well-known brands have more security. Because the well-known brands need to accept the market supervision, environmental protection department supervision, the quality of the glue is more secure, generally will not appear quality problems. The small brand of glue is less concerned, even if the quality problems are difficult to be concerned about in the market.

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