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What are the various glues

1. The more common ones are: urea-formaldehyde resin adhesives, polyvinyl acetate adhesives, polyacrylic resin adhesives, polyacrylic resins, polyurethane adhesives, hot melt adhesives, epoxy resin adhesives, synthetic adhesives, and so on.
2. Urea-formaldehyde resin, phenolic, melamine-formaldehyde adhesives: mainly used in wood processing industry.
3. Polyacrylic resin: mainly used in the production of pressure-sensitive adhesives, but also in the textile and construction fields.
4. Polyurethane adhesive: It can bond a variety of materials. After bonding, it can still maintain the physical and chemical properties of the material at low or ultra-low temperature. It is mainly used in shoes, packaging, automobiles, magnetic recording materials and other fields. (For example, Huafei New Material Polyurethane Structural Adhesive is widely used)
5. Hot-melt adhesive: According to different raw materials, it can be divided into EVA hot-melt adhesive, polyamide hot-melt adhesive, polyester hot-melt adhesive, polyolefin hot-melt adhesive, etc.
6. Epoxy resin adhesive: It can bond metal and most non-metal materials, and is widely used in construction, automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances and daily household products.
7. Organic silicone adhesive: It is a kind of sealing adhesive, which has the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance, water resistance, moisture resistance, high tensile fatigue strength, small permanent deformation, and non-toxicity.
8. Synthetic adhesives: mainly used in wood processing, construction, decoration, automobiles, shoemaking, packaging, textiles, electronics, printing and binding, etc.
9. Adhesive for wood processing: used for medium density fiberboard, gypsum board, plywood and particle board, etc.
10. Adhesives for construction: mainly used for decoration, sealing or bonding between structures in construction projects.
11. Sealing adhesive: mainly used for prefabricated parts of doors, windows and prefabricated houses
12. Adhesive for building structure: mainly used for the connection between structural units.
13. Adhesives for automobiles: There are four kinds of adhesives, namely, for car body, for interior decoration, for windshield, and for car body chassis. Others include adhesives for shoemaking, adhesives for packaging, adhesives for electronics, etc.
14. Glue is an intermediate that connects two materials. It mostly appears as a water agent. It belongs to the fine chemical category and has a wide variety of types, mainly based on the classification method of sticky material, physical form, hardening method and material of the adherend.

15.Common instant glue (the common 502α-ethyl cyanoacrylate strong instant adhesive is one), epoxy resin bonding, anaerobic glue, UV glue (ultraviolet light curing), hot melt adhesive, Pressure sensitive adhesive, latex, etc. 

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