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What is UV glue

Shadowless adhesive (UV glue) is also known as photosensitive adhesive and UV curing adhesive. UV glue is a kind of adhesive that can be cured only by UV light irradiation. It can be used as adhesive, paint, ink and so on. UV is the abbreviation of ultraviolet rays, namely ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet (UV) is invisible to the naked eye. It is a section of electromagnetic radiation other than visible light. The wavelength is in the range of 10 ~ 400 nm. The curing principle of shadowless adhesive is that the photoinitiator (or photosensitizer) in UV curing materials absorbs ultraviolet light under ultraviolet irradiation and produces living free radicals or cations to initiate monomer polymerization and cross-linking chemical reactions, so that the adhesive can be transformed from liquid to solid within a few seconds.

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