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How often do we replace thermal grease on computer?

Thermal grease is a material with heat dissipation properties, which is currently widely used in electrical or electronic manufacturing. The main purpose of thermal grease is to conduct excess heat and keep the heating body in a balanced state.The thermal grease remains in a paste state before and after application.

The better time of the thermal paste depends on the usage because the thermal paste used in the computer needs to cooperate with the CPU and the heat pipe to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. Good-quality thermal grease will not cure after a period of use, but there will be a small amount of oil separation on the surface. Such thermal grease can be used for several years at a time.

If the surface of the thermal grease on the computer dries out, the heat dissipation effect will decrease at this time, and you can consider replacing it. When buying, try to buy a good quality product, so that you don't need to replace it for
 several years after applying it once.
  • Thermal grease replacement Notes:
1. When replacing, you need to go to a professional repair shop for a replacement. Professionals can control the thickness when smearing. Blind replacement by oneself, sometimes not only can not let the heat dissipation silicone grease play a heat dissipation effect, but it will also be counterproductive.

2. When replacing the heat dissipation silicone grease, you should pay attention. It is best not to use other heat dissipation materials instead.

3. Under normal circumstances, the thermal grease on the computer does not need to be replaced, because the computer has already applied the thermal grease to it when it comes out. Even if the surface of the thermal grease is dry or the grease is consumed, as long as the heat dissipation performance is normal, there is no need to replace it.

There are two colors of thermal grease, gray and white. These two types are only different in appearance and color, but the performance is the same. If you buy in large quantities, you need to understand the performance of electrical 

appliances before you can buy a suitable thermal grease. If you come to TENSAN to purchase, based on years of production experience, we will recommend suitable thermal grease for you.

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