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What should be paid attention to in the transportation of two-component potting glue?


How to pack and transport the two-component potting glue?

During the transportation of chemical products, the packaging of the goods should be reinforced, so as not to be damaged during transportation, which will affect the customer's mood when receiving the goods and the packaging of the goods.

TENSAN has many years of experience in producing and exporting silicone. I have some experience with product export packaging, and I will share it with you below.

How to pack and transport the two-component potting glue?

1. You need to find an experienced driver for transportation.

2. The factory needs to pack the product in advance.

For example, two-component potting glue needs to be classified into AB silica gel. Use plastic pads to raise the contact area of the cargo with the ground to prevent moisture. You can put two layers of cargo, then wrap it with plastic film to reduce space, and then fasten it again with rope to ensure that it will not loosen during transportation.

3. In the process of handling, it should not be handled violently because it is fixed, and needs to be careful.

4. During the process, the truck driver needs to take some videos and photos about the handling. One, it can be sent to the customer as a delivery, and two, it can also prove the evidence before the product is shipped.

5. Finally transport to the port for loading.

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