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Is thermal grease flame retardant? What are the usage techniques?


Is thermal grease flame retardant? What are the usage techniques?

Thermal grease is actually what we often call thermal grease. This material is a composite material, which can be used not only in high-power electrical appliances but also in electronic instruments such as electronic tubes or CPUs. Because these areas of use pay special attention to safety issues, if it has flame-retardant insulation properties, it can reduce the impact even if the electrical appliance is connected to electricity. Will it cause the silicone grease to be flame-retardant? What is the use skill?

Is thermal grease flame retardant?

The main raw material of thermal grease is silicone, and then some heat-resistant materials are added to synthesize it. This compound can only exert its performance when it is used in the middle of the heating element of the electrical appliance and the radiator. It has no effect when used elsewhere. Therefore, as long as it is used properly, it can achieve high thermal conductivity and good electrical insulation. Even if the electrical appliance fails unexpectedly, it can achieve a flame retardant effect and gain time for rescue.

What are the tips for using thermal grease?

1. For thermal grease to exert its performance requirements, there are obvious requirements for the position used. It can only be used on the contact surface between the heating body and the heat dissipation facility to play the role of heat conduction and heat dissipation.

2. Thermal grease is only a kind of auxiliary material for heat dissipation. The main heat dissipation performance still depends on the radiator, so it should be clearly defined. When using it, it only needs to achieve the purpose of filling, and it should not be used excessively.

3. It is not recommended to use expired thermal grease, because the properties of such silicone grease may have changed, and the expected performance cannot be achieved after use. For silicones that are about to expire, performance tests must be done before use, and they can continue to be used under the premise that various performances are guaranteed.

When purchasing thermal grease, users need to buy high-quality products, because too much dosage will not be used in an electrical appliance. Buying good-quality silicone grease not only has no corrosiveness but also ensures that the performance will remain unchanged for many years. For example, TENSAN is a good brand, focusing on the research of thermal grease, providing customized thermal grease application solutions, which are widely used.

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