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What characteristics does the two-component transparent potting adhesive have?


What characteristics does the two-component transparent potting adhesive have?

    Compared to one-component adhesives, two-component clear potting adhesives have a wider range of applications. If you want to use two-component transparent potting adhesive in a suitable environment, you need to understand its characteristics and precautions for use. As far as possible, it can be poured in the right environment to maximize its performance.

    What are the characteristics of two-component transparent potting adhesive?

    The adhesive has a high transparency, and both groups of materials are transparent products. After mixed, the viscosity is low and the fluidity is very good, and it can directly penetrate into the gap and also finish curing at room temperature and speed up curing at medium temperature. When two-component transparent potting adhesive completely cured, there are almost no air bubbles, and forms a glossy, smooth and hard layer that is resistant to moisture, acids and alkali, and pressure. In order to achieve these properties, the adhesive is more comfortable to cooperate with a competent supplier.

    Is there a wide range of applications for two-component transparent potting adhesives?

    At present, two-component transparent potting adhesive is suitable for potting controllers, negative ion generators, power modules, electronic components and so on. Two-component transparent potting adhesive will seal these products and play a certain protective role.

    What do I need to pay attention to when using?

    First of all,Blend and mix the AB agent according to the weight ratio, so as not to affect the curing effect.

    Secondly, do not worry about wasting time, do a good job of defoaming, use vacuum equipment if necessary. However, the general potting adhesive has automatic bubble removal function.

    Thirdly, wear good protective equipment when pouring, once accidentally stained with adhesive should be rinsed with water, if necessary, to the hospital for medical treatment.

From selection to operation is not a simple matter, once ignored some details may affect the later use of the effect. We recommended that customers have a full understanding of the two-component transparent potting adhesive, skilled in the operation method. When the adhesive is completely cured, it should be able to play the performance of shock resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., so that customers can use with confidence.






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