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Heat-conductive potting silica gel use method and precautions


1、According to the weight, mix it with the ratio of A:B=1:1 and then mix it well. Note that in order to ensure the good performance of the product, A component and B component in the 1:1 mixture before, need to be fully mixed, and then weighed and sampled for the ratio, and then the rubber with a good mix before the gluing and potting.

2、Operating time is related to the product formula, but also mainly affected by the temperature, high temperature curing speed will be accelerated, the operating time will be shortened accordingly, low temperature curing speed will be slow, the operating time will be extended accordingly.

3、Mixed and stirred thermal conductive potting adhesive, can be poured directly into the container to be cured or filled, room temperature curing or heating curing can be. If the filling height is thicker and the appearance of the product after curing is high, it can be vacuumed according to the situation to extract the air bubbles before sealing.
4Specific materials, chemicals, curing agents and plasticizers will hinder thermal conductivity potting adhesive (silicone) curing, including: organic tin and other organic metal composites containing organic tin catalyst silicone rubber sulfur, polysulfide, polysulfone or other sulfur-containing items amine, ethyl carbamate or unsaturated hydrocarbon plasticizers containing amine items some flux residues Note: If an object or material If there is doubt as to whether an object or material will cause an obstruction to cure, a small test is recommended to determine its suitability for this application. If the experiment does not appear not curing or partial non-curing phenomenon, it can be used with confidence.
5、The two components should be stored separately and sealed, so that the mixture can be used now and the adhesive should be used up at one time to avoid waste.

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