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Introduction of SMT patch red glue for chemical industry


About SMT patch red adhesive

SMT red glue is a single-component room temperature storage epoxy resin adhesive that cures rapidly after heat, its allowable low temperature curing, ultra-high-speed micro-volume coating can still maintain a stable shape without drawing, overflow glue, collapse, its "shear thinning" viscosity characteristics and low hygroscopicity, very suitable for the application of room temperature hole plate printing SMT red glue process. The shape of the glue is very easy to control, stable storage and has excellent thermal shock resistance and electrical properties, safe to use, in full compliance with environmental requirements.

Properties of SMT red glue

SMT red glue has viscosity fluidity, temperature characteristics, wetting characteristics, etc.. According to this characteristic of red glue, so in production, the purpose of using red glue is to make the parts firmly attached to the PCB surface to prevent it from falling off.

Tensan red glue are a range of adhesives developed for temporary chip-bonding, prior to the wave-soldering process. They are all single component, heat-curing, epoxy adhesives which have excellent preservation qualities. “red glue” not only have rapid curing properties, with a 12 minute heating duration between 90150℃, as required for SMD mounting, but their fine properties enable them to be applied by both high speed dispensing and screen printing alike. Tensan have a wide range and variety of grades to meet specific customer requirements.

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