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The role of thermally conductive potting adhesives for power batteries?

Thermal conductive potting adhesive currently plays an important role in new energy, which has a wide range of applications in the field of electric energy, and its safety is receiving more and more widespread attention. Power battery is an important factor in promoting the development of new energy vehicles,is to provide new energy vehicles with power battery technology advances, greatly improving the range of new energy vehicles. However, the higher the working power of the battery, the higher the heat released during use, which requires the configuration of a more efficient thermal conductivity solution. 

What role do thermally conductive potting adhesives play in power batteries? 

Thermally conductive potting adhesives are mainly used for bonding, sealing, potting and coating maintenance of power cells. Thermal conductive potting glue is liquid before curing, with liquidity, glue viscosity according to the product material, function, manufacturing process is different and different. Thermal conductive potting glue completely cured to complete its use value, after curing can play a waterproof, dustproof, insulation, thermal conductivity, anti-corrosion, shockproof role. The role of thermally conductive potting glue in the power battery: thermally conductive potting glue is to add around the components to achieve reinforcement and increase the effect of electrical strength, and can supply excellent sealing for the power battery, can greatly increase the stability of electronic products operating in harsh environments, protection and shock resistance, avoid moisture, have better resistance to thermal shock, salt spray on the corrosion of the circuit, to increase the life of the product. Increase product life; electronic thermal conductivity materials have an important performance, it is an important basis for measuring the quality of materials, that is, thermal conductivity. The higher the thermal conductivity of thermally conductive potting adhesive, the better the performance of thermal conductivity and heat dissipation.

The above is a small compilation of the role of thermal conductivity potting glue on the power battery performance, if you have questions about thermal conductivity potting glue, you can click below TENSAN as a 10-year glue solution master, a solemn commitment, encounter with glue problems to do ask will answer, answer will line of policy TENSAN.

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