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Guide to use thermal paste


Thermal management is an important issue to consider when building and maintaining your computer. Too much heat can destroy sensitive components, and if you overclock, the problem is even worse. Therefore how to use thermal paste properly is one of the basics of proper computer cooling. Follow this guide to find out how to do it.

Selecting the right thermal paste. Most basic thermal grease compounds contain silicone resin and zinc oxide, while more expensive compounds contain excellent thermal conductors such as silver or ceramic. The benefit of a silver or ceramic thermal grease is that you will have a more efficient heat transfer. However, a simple thermal grease will be sufficient to suit most people's needs.

If you are planning to overclock your computer, try to use a thermal paste that mainly consists of silver, copper and gold. These are the most productive metals that can be used to make thermal paste.To clean the CPU and heatsink surfaces. Use a Cotton wool ball or cotton swab dipped in alcohol to gently wipe the surfaces. The higher the strength of the alcohol, the better. 70% is good, if you can find 90% it is even better.

If possible, sand the surface of the heat sink and the processor. Ideally the two contact surfaces will be completely flat and this will eliminate the use of thermal paste altogether. If your heatsink base is rough, you can wet sand it flat and polish it to make it smooth. This is not always necessary, unless you are aiming for the ultimate in thermal performance.

The purpose of thermal paste is to fill voids and defects on the surface of the contact surfaces. As modern production techniques cannot produce a defect-free surface, thermal paste is always necessary.

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