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The difference between mercury lamps and LED lamps for UV adhesive curing

First and foremost, we will introduce the difference between mercury lamps and LED lamps. LED lamps have a long service life, narrow wavelength, high concentration, uniform irradiation of the light source, and easily adjustable power; mercury lamps have a large wavelength range, high heat emission, wide spectral distribution, shorter life span and high power compared to LED lamps. So UV adhesive curing using mercury lamps and LED lamps will be different from what? There are generally the following points.

1.Deep curing speed

Deep curing speed or the time required for complete curing, the use of mercury lamps curing will be faster, mainly because the mercury lamp power is high, the output light intensity is fast, directly resulting in a rapid increase in light intensity, UV adhesive products is fast curing, and LED lights, in the same time as the mercury lamp irradiation, glue thickness, irradiation height consistent situation, the glue can achieve curing effect.But the hardness is far less than the mercury lamp up fast.

2. Curing uniformity

UV glue curing uniformity refers to, after the application of glue, the entire glue layer from the outside to the inside, the degree of curing is consistent, whether the whole can achieve the same curing effect, in this regard, the choice of LED lamp than the mercury lamp is more appropriate, the reason is that the mercury lamp along the length of the lamp direction, the two ends of the luminous intensity of the middle part is weaker, can not be uniformly luminous, can not achieve uniform irradiation of flat objects, making the curing material absorbed light intensity different, affecting the overall curing effect, especially the curing area of large products.And LED lights each lamp bead light source consistent, consistent wavelength and high concentration, so that UV adhesive curing more uniform.

3. Product structure

Product structure is concerned about the heat, mercury lamps will produce infrared, and emit a lot of heat, easy to heat-sensitive substrates cause damage. UVLED lamps emit a cold light source, can effectively avoid shrinkage and deformation of the substrate due to overheating, so can not be heated electronic components or heat easily deformed materials, choose to use LED lamps for curing.

UV adhesive curing using mercury lamps and LED lamps and the difference between the lamp due to differences in life expectancy resulting in light intensity decay affect curing, environmental protection, energy consumption, process equipment needs involved in production efficiency, cost control, process solutions, product structure, etc., how to choose, you need to combine their own production situation combined with the above comparative phenomenon to consider.You can also look for relevant product manufacturers to provide solutions, such as Tensan.

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